ExecuVault employs BLOCKCHAIN technology to create a globally accessible, immutable record. We automate the division of funds using SMART CONTRACTS that are set-up in accordance with the benefactor’s expressed wishes. Payouts are instantaneous and irrefutable once established criteria are met.


early access to funds, faster payouts
fewer touch-points
less ‘red tape’, less stress
irrefutable documentation
reduced risk of ugly familial disputes
protection from predatory businesses


irrefutable wish fulfilment
full control over transparency
reduced likelihood of ugly familial disputes
expert advice and support
significant cost savings


improved customer experience
first-to-market competitive advantage
lower operational costs
reduced duplication of processes
minimized manual touch-points
secure and decentralized transactions
reduced risk of fraud

Beneficiaries Face Numerous Unanticipated Challenges While At Their Most Vulnerable
  • No Will/Trust can be located
  • Multiple versions, different dates/times
  • Differing jurisdictional requirements and processes
  • Predatory businesses and practices
  • Tax/Government Intervention
  • Poor or ambiguous documentation gives rise to disputes
  • Lengthy Probate periods

it’s your legacy.
you’ve earned it.

we believe you’ve earned the right to oversee its timely and stress-free distribution— To direct it safely into the hands of the loved ones you’ve worked so hard to protect.

“Thirty Trillion Dollars Will Be Transferred From The Older Generation and Baby Boomers To Gen-Xers And Millennials In The Next Decade”

do your loved ones know what your wishes are… or where to look?

At ExecuVault, we know this is an incredibly difficult conversation to start —let alone to have— with your loved ones. We offer full control over transparency (what you choose to share and with whom).You decide when you are ready. And —when you are— we’re here to help.

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globally accessible
immutable record
on the blockchain

irrefutable executable
automated distribution

closed network altcoin
early access to funds

Create Your Vault
set up your execuvault account
Populate Your Vault
documents, policies, assets
Connect Your Vault
link assets accounts
Assign Rules To Your Vault
assign beneficiaries and detailed criteria
Test Your Vault
test and verify designated distribution of assets
Lock Your Vault
confirm notification parameters and lock it down
Blythe Masters
Former executive at J.P. Morgan
CEO Digital Asset Holdings, LLC

Blockchain technology represents a generational opportunity to mutualize database infrastructure across entities within financial services. What that translates into is an enormous cost-saving, risk-reducing, and capital-enhancing opportunity.

Abigail Johnson
Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments

Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.

Barbara Marquand

Life insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind, but for some policyholders, it becomes out of sight, out of mind. Policies are stuck in drawers and forgotten. Family members may not know they’re listed as beneficiaries on a policy. As a result, billions of dollars in life insurance benefits have gone unclaimed… Nationwide, the amount owed is huge — $7.4 billion so far.

Dan DeNicuolo
ABA Commission on Law and Aging

With this evolving technology growing in popularity every day, the question now is no longer if all states will allow for wills and trusts to be created and passed on elec- tronically, but when.

Ben Dickson
“Blockchain’s Brilliant Approach to Cybersecurity.”
Time will tell how soon legislators will come to trust expanding technology to satisfy fraud concerns relating to the transfer and delivery of wills and trusts. The proposed bills in Arizona and Indiana started down that road; both of those bills allowed for e-wills and trusts to be authenticated via a digital certificate using a public key infrastructure (“PKI”). PKI’s future could very well be grounded by its integration with blockchain.
Dante Disparte
Harvard Business Review

…a trust and efficiency engine like blockchain technology has the potential to drive radical change in the insurance industry while improving transparency and outcomes across the entire value chain…